our bakery

In our on-site bakery, we love to bake and have been happily doing so since 2008. Over the years we have made many a cake-lover happy with our dedication to baking some of the UK’s finest traditional cakes and tray bakes.

Our loyal team of Master Bakers are keen to deliver product excellence and innovation and are proud of every cake we bake.


We pride ourselves on preserving nature’s best in our purpose-built Market Harborough facility. We make a fabulous range of traditional tangy marmalades, fruity preserves and zesty curds. And, for the dinner table we produce an adventurous range of mouth-watering chutneys, pickles and condiments.

Our experienced team develops original award-winning recipes to suit all palates, sourcing all our ingredients with care to ensure our jars are bursting with that homemade taste. Along with the ever-popular traditional recipes, we are always looking for new ideas and responding to the latest flavour sensations.